About Annabel

As a creative, Annabel searches for the beauty in every situation – from the look of fresh, healthy skin, to the beautifully applied product that enhances the power of the wearer. Constantly striving to push the boundaries of beauty, Annabel believes it is always possible do better for the consumer taking delight in the details of the experience, such as the perfect dosage of product from a perfectly selected and sustainable packaging, as she believes the little things really matter in life, especially to busy working mums like her. Annabel is constantly seeking innovations for the future of beauty, and loves to look at it with an insider’s view-point.
A beauty buff and skin fanatic through-and-through. Annabel has a 25 year career that has taken her from designing makeup on exotic film shoots and teaching the next generation of makeup artists, to developing her own products in the lab. Her wide beauty experience gives Annabel a unique perspective on the beauty industry, and her focus is on high-performing cosmetics, natural skincare with clean ingredients. 
Today Annabel spends her time  consulting and helping brands by sharing her knowledge as well holding masterclasses and hosting private consultations. 

A Passion for natural beauty

What we put on our skins is of utmost importance to Annabel, and she can see the future of the beauty industry becoming much more transparent in terms of ingredients and labelling so that consumers can make informed choices in a world where synthetic chemicals have become commonplace. The inside workings of the beauty industry and terminology such as INCI listings and PAOs are second nature to Annabel and she can help decode the NPD process for brands. Driven by her own love of using organic, herbal and traditional ingredients on her own skin and family, Annabel is always looking to combine excellent product results with integrity of ingredients and formulation, and is always on the lookout for new niche brands and innovation.

Alice Hart-Davies

Award winning beauty journalist and industry expert, Author of The Tweakments Guide

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